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Getting Drum Lessons

With a selection of expertly trained instructors, each of which boasts an impressive history in the field of drumming; The Singer’s Workshop (found online at are quickly becoming one of the most popular services in the region.

Whether you’re a Ringwood local or from a little further afield, you’ll undoubtedly be pleased to learn that the workshop caters to drummers of all skills levels – from beginners right through to advanced musicians.

What do they do?

As their name might suggest, they are a cosy music studio based in the heart of Ringwood that proudly offers drum lessons and other musical training (such as guitar and vocal coaching).

Over the years they’ve helped to train some of the most successful musicians in Australia – with some going on to become renowned artists.

Why might you want to sign up to their lessons?

If you’re looking for a friendly environment suitable for children, adolescents and adults alike where music is at the heart of all activities available; then you may want to consider this studio your next destination.

With a wide range of availabilities (Monday to Friday between 12 and 9:30pm, as well as weekend slots), the studio is more than capable of catering to even the most demanding of schedules.

And thanks to the comfortable atmosphere and the friendly demeanour of the instructors, even aspiring musicians that lack a bit of confidence will quickly feel right at home without concern.

How’s best to book a lesson?

Whether you’re hoping to book an introductory lesson to learn the ropes, or enjoy a consistent course to maximise your musical potential – a great way to book is online or by giving their friendly team a call.

One of the most appealing things about the workshop is just how passionate the instructors are when it comes to teaching their students.

It’s this enthusiasm and sheer love of the industry that allows the instructors to encourage their students in ways that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

What could be a mundane, simplistic lesson is flipped on its head by the team at the workshop to become an exciting, thought-provoking event capable of inspiring people from all walks of life.

The ideal platform for musicians of all calibres

As mentioned above; it won’t matter if you’re a beginner hoping to explore the art of sound, or an avid professional keen to learn new techniques employed by some of the most successful musicians around – there’s a reason why drum lessons from the workshop are so popular for people of all ages.

To learn more about the service, or to get to grips with just how beneficial they could be to your child’s musical career and confidence – simply get in touch with their team to book a lesson. Their rates are fair, their skills are unmatched and their willingness to help can make all the difference to musicians of all types.